Mount Pilatus – Where some of the action happens

Mount Pilatus - The Second List

The rugged terrain of Mount Pilatus, where the prologue and early chapter action is taking place. Enjoy the first paragraph: ——— January 27, 1945—11:17 PM (CET) Mount Pilatus, Central Switzerland “How much farther?” Tom shouted through the hauling bitterly cold winds, unsure if his words reached the man ahead of him. Walking through the deep snow was taking its toll. He looked around to get a hint on their progress, but everything around him was pitch black except the fast-swirling snowflakes and the snow-covered, steep railroad track underneath his feet, both faintly illuminated by the beam of his lantern. A few steps ahead, the light carried by his companion seemed to disappear into the storm. ——— Photo Credit: Dennis Rybaczyk – @insta_sfera72